• The race rules for competitions apply.
    • Bridges are always an obstacle where crews can not catch up. Keep that in mind!Around Halfweg there are bridges following eachother in quick succession, give each other space.
    • The catch-up rules of the KNRB apply. You can find them on the site of the KNRB.
  • Distance determination takes place by means of an on iPhone downloaded application.
    • Every crews is requested to use an iPhone 4 (or better edition). We count on the fact that at least one such device is available within the team. If not, please note this when entering the competition.
    • The distance is ultimately determined with respect to the axis of the ringcanal.
    • For back-up time and distance observation, a dongle is handed over to the cox.
  • Due to a variable finishline, crews who are done rowing have to take account of faster ascending crews whom are still racing. Keep starboard side as far as possible and pay attention at bridges. Give priority to crews still in the race.


Additional information

    • Coxes / crews will receive additional information regarding the course and rules regarding overtaking in advance. Please take note of the lower bridges and sharp turns.
      • The chicane is a set of turns (4) where rowers have to help the cox making the turn. Taking over is discouraged by the race organisation, please slow down place and overtake after the chicane.
      • The cyclingbridge at Vijfhuizen (13.89km) is the smallest of the bridges on the course and has a slight bend. Don’t be too far on starboardside, else you won’t be able to make the turn. Advice is to take the centre of the ringcanal.
      • Every obstacle/bridge has a short video. Please check those course video’s.
    • On the Bosbaan (when collecting racenumbers), crews will receive the latest update regarding new obstacles.
    • The start of the ladies crews is the original startline of the Olympic Games 1928 (hectometre post 30,8). Shortly after the bridge (S107).
    • The start of the mens crews is the original finishline of above said Olympic Games (hectometre post 32,8). Shortly after the bridge of Sloten.