Enrollment, draw, start order

Enroll via KNRB entries-program.

Registration fee:  8+  €60 & 4* € 40.

Overview of entries

Teams are classified by age group and the start order within this age category is determined by the draw.

The start of the men’s team is in Sloten just after the bridge over the Ringvaart to Badhoevedorp, the ladies teams start 2 km ahead towards Halfweg. The finish and distance traveled will be determined by the clock and GPS. After an hour the teams will be informed of the fact that the time is over. After this the teams row at their own pace to the rowing club Het Spaarne. Because the finish line is not the same for every team, teams who are ready with their hour, have to take into account possibly faster ascending teams that are still racing. Row a maximum of Starboard side and be especially careful with bridges. Take a look at whether there are no ascending teams.

The ladies field starts at 11:30. The men’s teams then start when all teams from the ladies’ field have started.

From the end of September, teams can register for this competition. Enrollment will continue this year via a registration form.

Info: [email protected]