Distance measurement

For the distance measurement we use the app developed by SPAR Racing. We have taken into account article 18, paragraph 6 of the RvR:

It is prohibited during events to use equipment, intended to send signals outside the boat or to receive from outside the boat, in the boat. The competition organization may, however, allow or even prescribe certain equipment, provided that the equal opportunities for the teams are maintained

The competition organization prescribes the use of the app, it is our primary distance measurement. In addition, the participating teams will show the pace, speed and time of passage (at a number of intermediate stations) of their own team and also the position of other teams in their own field. This information is also shown on large screens in the clubhouse. The competition organization argues that this information strengthens the competitive element because it provides insight into which position one is in the own field. The information is available to all teams and we believe that this will ensure equal opportunities for all teams. In the last phase of the race after the Damsluis at Vijfhuizen, the information is no longer refreshed to prevent teams from going on a very last sprint.

Spar Racing tested the app during the Spaarne Lenterace 2016. SPAR Racing consists of a free app for the iPhone and a website that gives participants and spectators of the chase matches extra information about how they and their favorite team are in the game.

Rowers can use the app to see what pace they are rowing, the distance and time they have travelled since the start and how they are at a number of points in the game compared to other teams in their field (the latter in a similar way to a time trial in the Tour de France).

Spectators and those who stay at home can choose via the website whether they see a card showing all teams in the competition track (with the same pace as the team at that moment rowing), or a screen with all the intermediate points next to each other with the ranking per intermediate point.

For the distance measurement, we ask one of the teammates to pre-install the app on an iPhone (for other phones is – at this time – no app available) and the app to use during the game. The iPhone is checked at the Bosbaan at the race secretariat: is the phone connected to the right team?

The app and the SPAR Racing website were developed by Marco Blauwhof and Alwin Snijders. On their website (http://rowing-timing.schier-it.nl/new/#/info) you can see how the app looks and how the app works.

The following intermediate points are used:

Men Distance Women Distance
Start men      0  
2 km (start women)     2 Start women 0
Damsluis Halfweg 5,37 Damsluis Halfweg 3,37
Kinheim  8 Bridge A9 6
Chicane (directly after)    10 Chicane 8
Damsluis Vijfhuizen 13,41 Damsluis Vijfhuizen 11,41

In the final phase of the competition, this information is no longer refreshed, the last intermediate points is the dam lock at Vijfhuizen. This is to prevent a final sprint reaching that extra meter.