Cox instructions

The cox instruction consists of two documents.

  • This document is to go through the bank in advance at home. You can find it in this pdf (7 MB).
  • The cox instruction during the race is for men here and for ladies here. It contains the instructions for the upheaval and for the competition. You will receive this plasticized control instruction on departure from the Bosbaan.

The dongle and bownumbers will have to be handed in at the secretariat of Het Spaarne afterwards.

A short video is always available for all obstacles (bridges and sluices). You can find them on the page with race video’s

Furthermore, a video (10 minutes) from the first test race is available from the boat. All obstacles are there and it gives a good impression of the course.

The start and the start of both the ladies and the men is marked with buoys. Of course the finish line is not.