About the race

On Sunday 16th of december 2018 the rowing race The Hour will be held. The concept of the race is rather simple: you row in an Eight or a coxed double-four (4*) for an hour. Whoever gets the furthest, wins the race. 

We assume an entry of at least 50 teams. Entries are open to both ladies and mens eights aswell as ladies and mens coxed double-fours. The cox will play a central part in the race. The parcour of The Hour is on the ringcanal of Haarlemmermeer, from Sloten to Cruquius. The start of the race for ladies crews will be held on the startline of the Olympic Games of 1928. For the mens crews, the start will be on the finishline of the above said Olympic Games.

(photo: National Archive/collection Spaarnestad)

The race is organised by the foundation The Hour, with the much appreciated help from the rowing clubs Amphitrite, Okeanos and Het Spaarne. Prior to the race the crews will meet up at Okeanos. There, the crews will get their racingnumbers, the latest update of the cox instructions and the jury will check if the SPAR Racing application (for time-/distance measuring) is correctly installed on the iPhone. As a back-up for distance measuring every crew will also receive a dongle. Crews can go onto the water at the Bosbaan. Via the Nieuwe Meer, crews will row to the startline.

The contest of the race is as follows:

  • Winner of the race is the crews that gets the furthest on the track during an hour. It should be noted that we measure perpendicular of the ringcanal. Cutting corners is allowed and helpful. At every obstacle/bridge there will be an observer from the organisation to intervene in difficult situations (obstacles/bridges)
  • With the SPAR Racing application every crew can see for themselves how much racetime is left.
  • Mens crews will start at the finishline of the Olympic Games in 1928 at Sloten. We expect the finish to be near Cruquius. Crews will start after one other with an interval of 45 seconds.
  • Ladies crews will start at the startline of the Olympic Games of 1928 (2 kilometer down the ringcanal towards Halfweg). We also expect them to finish around Cruquius.
  • After the race, all crews are supposed to row towards KR&ZV Het Spaarne, where the prize ceremony will be held. Prizes will be given to the cox.

Het Spaarne can, in consulation, help out with the boattransport from Het Spaarne back to the Bosbaan.